Tailor-made travel

All your wishes, dreams and ideas can become reality when in the hands of our experienced travel advisors. Having travelled to many corners of the world, our team will help you see the world through authentic experiences and lasting memories. Our journeys can be themed, immersive, relaxing or adventurous.


What was once merely a dream is now within reach. Richard Branson’s company, Virgin Galactic, offers the opportunity to purchase a ticket for a journey beyond Earth’s orbit. Due to limited availability, this unprecedented opportunity is accessible solely through select travel agencies within the esteemed Virtuoso global network. As the sole Lithuanian member, we proudly extend our hand to unveil this extraordinary experience to you.


From learning about food production and history to tasting the world’s most delicious flavours. From French winemakers to Japanese sushi masters. We will help you enjoy the most unique gastronomic experiences by listening to the artisans, smelling the aromas and tasting the authentic flavours.


Exploring the connection with yourself and strengthening your health is best done where relaxation comes naturally. Travel advisors will create an experience that nurtures your spiritual and physical health, where fresh air, mineral springs, professionals in their fields and perfectly comfortable surroundings will help you find the flow of energy.


Our travel advisors will help you explore the world and get in touch with some of the most spectacular natural and cultural sites. We organise expedition trips where travellers are accompanied by scientists who present their topics and help them to get up close and personal with the world’s wonders.


Images of life’s most beautiful moments in the world’s most unique places become reality in the hands of our travel advisors. When organising weddings and honeymoons, we make sure that the newlyweds have only each other to think about.


Safari trips are no longer discovery or hunting trips. Now, safari experiences allow you to capture Africa and its wildlife with your eyes and cameras. We will make sure that your spectacular day programmes are complemented by a comfortable stay in a camp that offers in authentic tents, villas or luxury lodges.


For winter sports enthusiasts, our travel advisors offer fluffy snow, clear skies and convenient facilities in the world’s best ski resorts. From equipment transportation or hire to dinners in at restaurants, we will take care of every detail.


Expansive restaurant, bar, spa, lounge, live music concerts. All this fits into a luxury train journey with the most beautiful scenery outside. Our travel advisors will organise a five-star holiday for you at a hotel on the train tracks.


Few things are as romantic as a luxury cruise. Travel advisors will help you decide which part of the world you will explore this time in a hotel that rides the waves and take care of all the booking and planning details.


When organising travel for business, we take the most important needs for such travel into account: that a traveller could reach their destination as quickly as possible, and stay in a convenient location with comfortable accommodations, enabling them focus for important meetings. Plus, that their accommodations would help them relax.


More and more business enterprises are rewarding their employees with trips for their contribution to the success of the company. Trips for employees and their teams revolve around socialising, memorable activities, and relaxation. Our travel advisors will make sure that these trips fits within a company’s desired budget while exceeding the expectations of employees.


If you are organising a trip by yourself but are looking for a trusted partner to help, our luxury travel advisors are ready to lend a hand when you need it most. We can take care of every step of the planning process, from transportation to entertainment.


Our travel advisors will provide the most suitable transfer options for your needs. Once a traveller has disclosed his or her expectations, our team will book flights, ferry, train or bus tickets and, for the most discerning travellers, will help arrange a private jet reservation. If you want to travel independently, we will find you car, campervan and yacht rental deals, and if you are looking for a complete relaxation, we will book you private VIP limousine transfers.


All you have to do is whisper your wishes to our travel advisors, so that when you arrive at your destination, you will find a hotel, private villa or castle apartment of your dreams. We can find you an authentic place to stay, where you will be surrounded by centuries of history or modernity, local traditions or the bustle of cultures. We know where to stay for families, and where to stay for couples looking for complete privacy.


If you want to save time by avoiding the paperwork and studying local regulations, our team will take over these tasks for you. From parking to express check-in, business clubs and VIP services, we will take care of visas, travel insurance and airport matters. The most important thing for us is that your trip goes smoothly.


Rich experiences tinged with local flavours to ensure a trip to remember. Our travel advisors will find the most interesting excursions, the most professional guides or events and book them for you. For clients looking for a gastronomic experience, we will offer table reservations at the world’s best restaurants.


To give the gift of travel is to give the gift of an encounter with the world that will enrich and last a lifetime. Our gift vouchers are a reservation that will guarantee the exclusive attention of our travel advisors in order to take the recipients of the gift on the journey of their dreams.